Saturday, June 9, 2012

Patina by Love & Beauty

I adore this color. It's definitely in one of my all time favorites. It amazes me that such cheap nail polish from Forever 21 can look so good. This is two thin coats and it looks amazing. I just couldn't even bear to put nail art on it.. it looks great just the way it is! Hope you guys like it too!

The weird (and annoying) thing about Forever 21's nail polish is that they don't have a name on their cap.. SO! I typed in the product number into their website and it came up with nothing. "Patina" was next to the barcode under the description though so I typed that into their search bar too, and it came up with "Fairy Tale Blue," but that had a different product number. It also highly resembles "Shimmering Ocean" from their website (but again, they don't have the same product number). So sorry, I can't get you the exact name ): But here are the links to both colors.. Enjoy!

More pictures:

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