Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Get Stronger Nails!

Are your nails weak? Do they start to peel before they're as long as you want them to be? Well here are a few tips that will hopefully help that situation!

  1. Don't use acrylics. It's as simple as that! Everyone knows that they weaken your nails, but sometimes it's just too hard to resist. Even though you might get them because your nails are weak, if you let them rejuvenate for a few months, they should get better. 
  2. Paint a clear base coat under the tips of them to make them less prone to breaking. 
  3. Drink water! Did you know that on average you should be drinking about nine glasses of water a day?! Most of us don't even drink half of that and, trust me, your nails can feel the difference. Along with stronger nails, you'll see a difference in your skin and hair. Hydrate!
  4. Stop biting! I know it sounds obvious but biting your nails really wears them down. It also can interfere with your cuticles and give you hang nails ):


  1. loving tip number 2! never heard of that one, i have to try it.

  2. *Throws away "Hard As Nails" bottle* NOW she tells me...