Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glitter Cheetah :D

Woo! Well this is incredibly girly, but super cute! I used the Konad stamping tools and the place Shany Nail Art Polish for the cheetah print. And silver glitter from Love & Beauty from Forever 21! I had to make a lot of layers of the sparkles, because there just wasn't enough glitter! Maybe I'll go looking for one with more soon. Anyways! Here they are, I hope you like it (:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polka Dots!

So I got a dotting tool and I'm not gonna lie, I'm loving it! I have a polka dot stamping plate, but it's nice to be able to do them anywhere I'd like! I just took all the most colorful nail polishes I could find and went to town. It's so fun! And I love it so much. I'm definitely going to do this more often for summer (: It's incredibly easy and it looks amazing!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peacock Nails!

Ah! These are my peacock nails! I absolutely love these, they're so cute! I used my Shany Nail Art polishes for the green stripes, Sally Hansen Quick Color Gold Chrome for the outer circle, Sally Hansen "Blue Me Away" for the middle circle, and another Shany Nail Art Polish for the inner dot. Oh! And the color for all the other nails is Sally Hansen Quick Color Blue Chrome. Super cute, I really like them. I'll probably do them again this summer (: Or at least on someone else!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring flowers (:

My friend saw a picture of nails like this and asked me to do them so here they are! This picture definitely doesn't do the nails justice.. they look so bland and stuff, but really they're quite detailed! I've definitely got to start using a better camera than my iPhone ):

There are dark gold dots on where the pollen should be, and yellow and orange used for the petals, as well! Either way they look cute! The base is red by Love & Beauty, and I used my Shany Nail Art Polishes for the petals. And Sally Hansen's Quick Colors Gold Chrome for the middle part.

Hope you guys like them! (:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nail Tip! Saving Old Polishes!

Is your nail polish getting old and thick? Just put a few drops of nail polish remover to get a better consistency. Add a few more drops if you still want it to be even thinner! You can always buy nail polish thinner, but this is a quick fix that's much cheaper! Hope this helps (:

p.s. YES! That is a Caboodle back there. Never get old (;

"Virtuous Violet" with OPI and Sparkles

So I went over to my friend's house yesterday and I told her about my blog! She asked me to do her nails since she had prom today! Her dress is silver and her shoes are purple, so I really liked including both of those! She received the sparkley polish as a gift from someone, and there is absolutely no label on it! So sorry, I can't tell you guys what it is ):

The purple is Nicole by OPI, and it's called "Virtuous Violet." I actually really hated it.. It was really chunky and it didn't come on evenly. As you guys can see there are parts that look really thin and others that look thick! But you could only tell in the harsh light, so she was happy with it.

Okay! I've rambled on enough now (: Hope you guys enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Blue me Away" and Sparkles!

I get so many compliments on this color! It's called "Blue me Away!" by Sally Hansen - Hard as Nails. It seems so simple in the bottle but there's something about how it looks on my nails that really catches your eye (: The sparkles are from ABC store in Hawaii, so definitely not something anyone could go pick up and get. Maybe they're online! Anyways, it's from a brand called Island Girl and it's called "Waikiki Sunset," which really doesn't make sense since blue is just about the only color one doesn't think of being in a sunset.. Well, anyways! Hope you guys like it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Amber Opal and Rose Confetti

Once again, I can't tell you how much I love this Rose Confetti from Love & Beauty! The pink color is from Fire Opal Nail Glaze by Sally Hansen - the name is Amber Opal. I think these sparkles go really well with the pink. It's a simple manicure with two coats of the Amber Opal, and two coats of sparkles! The ring finger is pretty thick, but since there's so many sparkles you can't see if I knick it on something. Overall, I think it's a really cute mani! (:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simple Tribal Nails with "Blue me Away!"

Sorry they're a little bit messy, but these are my simple tribal nails. These are really fun cause you can pretty much do whatever design you want. I didn't have an actual nail pen with me so I couldn't do anything too intricate, but I really like how simple these are (: I used the nail art polishes from Shany Cosmetics to do all of the designs. Here they are (:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half and Half, Red and Black!

So I invited my friend over, because let's be real.. I can only paint my nails so much! Anyways I had no idea what I was gonna do and luckily for me she just kinda rolled with it. I'm kinda bummed the picture quality is so low.. But the black color actually has some fine sparkles in it. I absolutely love it. Both the polishes are from Forever 21and they don't have cool names for theirs ): So I suppose it's sparkley black and red? Haha!

I started with a base coat and one coat of the red. Then I waited a bit and taped over it and put the black on... It looked like this...
(The way the paint stuck it kinda looks like blood.. Ewww..) Anywayss.. It turned out like this..
And I totally loved it like this, but I thought it could use a little something extra so I added a rhinestone on each finger and it was complete!

This one shows the sparkles (: Yay!

I hope you guys like it! She definitely did, I was really glad (:

Oh! And I gave her a really simple pedicure too! (sorry I didn't clean up the cuticles before I took the pictures.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun French Manicure!

This mani took me awhile, because I went back and forth between putting the sparkles on all of the nails or just the ring finger and thumb. Obviously, I went with the first option, but only after wearing it on just the two fingers for a couple days.

Anyways! I started with a base coat and then put two layers of "Where's the Jack?" by OPI. Then I put on the OPI matt top coat which I'm currently obsessed with... Anyways! Then I took the turquoise sparkles by Love & Beauty from Forever 21. I put it on using tape to control the lines. And viola! Here they are, sparkley and all (:

Nail Tip! Five Minute Manicure!

Photo Credit:
  1. One Minute: File them to desired length.
  2. Two Minutes: Soak your hands in warm soapy water.
  3. One Minute: Push your cuticles back gently.
  4. One Minute: Put on a nourishing base coat to protect them from the hustle and bustle of your daily life!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nail Tip! Bring Your Own Gear!

Getting a mani can seem really nice and relaxing, but ending up with an infection can leave you with months of stress and frustration. Definitely not worth it. Invest in your own tools and bring them with you to the salon! Even bringing your own nail polish is a good idea.. They can't really disinfect that can they... :d

Friday, April 13, 2012


So simple and so cute! This purpley color came in a set that I got from Forever 21, it's in here:

Then I used the silver sparkles that came in the same set! Ah! I can't believe I got so many great colors for just five dollars (:

Flowers and Fishnet!

This is definitely a different manicure but I just love it! It's somewhat sophisticated so I'll probably do something like this again for a formal event or so. Definitely not for spring break!

So to start off I painted my nails the red color by Love & Beauty and put a matte top coat by OPI!

Then I put a flower from a konad plate and then I put an extra one on just my ring finger and thumb just for fun! (:

And I liked it! But I just wanted something more.. Sooo fishnet it is!

And after it was all cleaned up this was the final product: 

Viola! How do you like it?