Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half and Half, Red and Black!

So I invited my friend over, because let's be real.. I can only paint my nails so much! Anyways I had no idea what I was gonna do and luckily for me she just kinda rolled with it. I'm kinda bummed the picture quality is so low.. But the black color actually has some fine sparkles in it. I absolutely love it. Both the polishes are from Forever 21and they don't have cool names for theirs ): So I suppose it's sparkley black and red? Haha!

I started with a base coat and one coat of the red. Then I waited a bit and taped over it and put the black on... It looked like this...
(The way the paint stuck it kinda looks like blood.. Ewww..) Anywayss.. It turned out like this..
And I totally loved it like this, but I thought it could use a little something extra so I added a rhinestone on each finger and it was complete!

This one shows the sparkles (: Yay!

I hope you guys like it! She definitely did, I was really glad (:

Oh! And I gave her a really simple pedicure too! (sorry I didn't clean up the cuticles before I took the pictures.)

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